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Amplify Funds Management

Amplify Funds Management by 

Honeycombes Property Group has established Amplify Funds Management to create and manage co-investment opportunities for wholesale investors seeking solid returns and capital gain whilst minimising risk. 

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  • Preservation of Investors' Capital

  • Regular and reliable cash distributions

  • Capital Gains through astute acquisitions, management practices and development strategies

  • Total Returns outperforming the market

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The Amplify investment philosophy is centred around creating opportunities for co-investment in commercial property assets, inviting friends, colleagues, and previous customers to invest with Amplify in properties we are putting our own money into. With a relationship to Honeycombes Property Group and a collective experience of over 100 years in the commercial property industry, encompassing project and development management, sales, leasing, and asset portfolio management, the Amplify Funds Management team is well equipped to achieve the firm’s mission, to capture, create and enhance value and returns from commercial property. 

Our extensive track record enables us to analyse opportunities through the acquisition phase and to  add value during ownership to optimise returns for our capital partners.  Asset acquisition and disposal timing is critical to value and return maximisation. We take a cross-cyclical view of each asset to determine the best strategies and execution to ensure total return maximisation for our investment partners.

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The Founders will co-invest in the selected assets alongside wholesale investors who are seeking consistent, risk adjusted Total Returns by combining regular and certain income returns along with strategically derived maximised capital gains.

Investors will benefit from the hands on management of these Wholesale Unlisted Property Funds by a team of industry leaders and advisors with an eye for maximising property investment returns.

Leveraging Honeycombes' long-standing history and capability, Amplify will initially focus its efforts on high quality commercial property investments in Queensland and potentially later in Northern New South Wales.

Each Fund will be managed by Amplify under an Investment Management Agreement which is the governing document to which Amplify is accountable.


Amplify’s founders have accumulated over 100 years’ experience in diverse aspects of the commercial property industry. Amplify will source suitable investments from the market where they can identify an opportunity to maximise the investment value of these assets through astute income and outgoings management practices, value add property enhancements, leasing strategies or development works.

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