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Our Strategy

The Trust has been established specifically to purchase and operate three commercial property assets to maximise annual dividend returns and capital growth for investors.

Retail contained in the Food Beverage and Entertainment precinct accompanies the Telstra Office and Industrial facility providing diversity in usage across the properties.

Initially, the Trust will acquire CVC and secure an option to purchase the sites upon which the Telstra buildings will be located.  Exercise of this option will be subject to the completion of the construction and commencement of the two 10 year Telstra leases.

The Trust shall provide the Developer of the Telstra buildings with a 12 month Secured Preferred Equity Loan to undertake the development of the Telstra buildings at an interest rate of 14% p.a.  This will be secured by a corporate guarantee from Honeycombes Property Group Pty Ltd (HPG).

In the first year of operation the Trust will derive income from the CVC asset which will be improved through an active leasing campaign and from interest on the debt facility provided to the Developer of the Telstra buildings.

Upon completion / certification of the two Telstra buildings and commencement of both 10 year leases, the Trust shall exercise its option and assume ownership of the Telstra buidlings.

By utilising this option structure the Developer of the Telstra buildings assumes all risk associated with the delivery of the Telstra buildings.  For clarity, the Trust will have no exposure to any development risk.

The properties and Trust will be managed by the Manager to maximise returns and ensure efficiency of operations. The aim of the Trust is forecast to provide Investors with:

  • Commercial property returns secured by Telstra and Events Cinemas on long lease profiles,

  • Total Fund Returns of 11.5% p.a. yielding $1.83 for every dollar invested,

  • Dividend Returns of 7.0% p.a. initially growing to 8.5% p.a. in year 7.

  • Dividends paid quarterly and fund reporting quarterly.

  • Aligned interests of both the Investors and Amplify with the Amplify founders also investing in the Trust equal to all other unitholders.

  • Consistent income returns paid quarterly.

  • Tax deferral efficiency with 100% tax deferral for the first XXX years, providing shelter from income tax until eventual disposal of the underlying assets of the Trust, or the Investor’s Units in the Trust.

  • A proactively managed assets with an astute knowledge and observation of market conditions.

  • Potential to realise individual or the collective assets when they have reached peak value to maximise capital gain returns to the Trust.

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